At the moment our security level is good enough to meet Intuit QuickBooks demands. Enhancing data security and keeping it safe is one of our daily and long-term priorities.

a) We use the https encrypted connection;

b) All data are located in the European Union;

d) We use token to get access to data;

e) Our user rights use ACL system, that allows anyone to see only their own receipts. Only administrator will see all receipts submitted for that company.

Go to 

Log in to your account;

Go to users;

Add their email address and click on “Invite user”;Administrator can delete, edit, export, send data to accounting software and add users.Submitter can only view what they have submitted.

Now new user can sign in using Google account or register your own account (using same email address).

For very long receipts, it's easiest to cut them in half and then place these halfs next to each other and then take a picture.


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